The problem of SSR frameworks (a rant about Next.js and Sveltekit)

Modern frontend development is basically about: Making a good looking UI (i.e. writing css and other javascript tricks to do fancy animations) Fetching data from some API (no matter if you use graphql or plain http requests, you still need to get some data asynchronously) State management across the app (also including caching things, real time events, …) Over the time we (the developers) realized that JavaScript libraries/frameworks are needed to be efficient when building larger apps. … »

Still using Node.js? Deno 1.0 is here!

Ryan Dahl is a young software engineer. In 2009, he created Node.js - enabling JavaScript anywhere, not only in browsers. The main reason he did that was to build efficient event-driven HTTP servers. It’s undeniable that Node had a huge impact in software development, as it quickly gained popularity. In fact, I bet you already know Node since tons of companies adopted it for their backend development. Even if Node was a big successful project Ryan regretted some of his decisions. … »

Go lessons learnt by refactoring

If you didn’t, take a look at: A little context: I recently moved to a new company and they are starting using the Go language for some of the projects currently developing. I found myself reading a bunch of code written by people who only recently started writing Go, and came from years of experience in other languages - i.e. Java and C++. After asking for a refactor of the code before it gets too tangled, I’ve seen some non-idiomatic patterns emerge and I’m documenting them here for future references. … »

AcePC T11 battery "problem"

An intro (feel free to jump to the next section) I always wanted to have a little domestic server for simple stuff that can be useful. In particular I wanted something similar and a bit more powerful than a Raspberry PI, that’s why my research brought me to this Chinese manufacturer called AcePC ( - I know their website it’s not promising but their computers are actually good and low cost. … »

Tackling overwhelming problems

I’m going to write a post about something that I’m sure you already heard before, but it helped me to approach new problems and projects. Like some kind of mantra, when it feels like too much work to do, I repeat to myself: “one small thing at a time”. Do not overthink about the big picture from the beginning. Start working on one thing, and allocate time to refactor things during development, not before nor after. … »

Mojave Wallpapers

Presenting: It’s not a revolution, live wallpapers existed before. But Apple did them right: a bunch of photos of the same spot in different time of the day, blended together to create the illusion of time passing - inside your desktop. I think it’s pretty cool and I wanted it, but of course I don’t have a MacBook, so…write it by yourself, right? I was too busy and excited to realize that a couple of similar scripts already existed - but they aren’t complete, they are missing the “blend” the images together, just changing wallpaper every X minutes or so. … »

Archlinux Post Installation

If you are not using Arch, you probably should. There's a lot to be said about Arch Linux but that's not the right place: we are here to install what I think it's basic stuff to get your brand new installation up and running. Yep. There's already the official wiki (aka The Bible) guide here: It's the place you have to look at, if you're installing Arch for your first time. … »

How to use a cheap USB token (or Yubikey) instead of password in Arch Linux

I bought a cheap yet powerful USB U2F token from (link). The U2F standard is compatible with a few websites, they are listed here: Beware: I'm using Plasma and SDDM, I did not test all of this with other DEs or DMs. Also, pay attention before doing something possibly irreversible! Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash Mostly thanks to, what I also was able to get is to use this token instead of my password (but if you do care your privacy, you should use this as a second factor - not the only one, to do that you only need to change a word in the PAM module). … »

An eShop price comparison app

TL;DR:, I made this! Intro Recently I bought a Nintendo Switch. That’s by far the best game console I had in a long time, but you can read all about it online, I’m not here to talk about that! Here’s the fact: with Nintendo Switch it’s possible to buy games in foreign online shops with only one limitation: you can only buy from a shop in the same big region as you are. … »

Ready Player One

TL;DR Player One √® un romanzo molto interessante e ricco di riferimenti retr√≤ e a videogame, ma anche ad alto contenuto di virtual reality. Non fatevelo scappare! Articolo originariamente pubblicato il 4 settembre 2015 su Non capita certo spesso di parlare di libri che abbiano come tema principale i videogiochi, ma per fortuna esiste Player One (titolo originale: Ready Player One), scritto dal brillante statunitense Ernest Cline come romanzo d’esordio. … »